5/32" Torlon Balls (100pcs)

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Torlon is a registered trademark of Solvay Advanced Polymers.

Torlon balls are used for high-strength, wear-resistant ball bearings. These balls are excellent for High-Load Recirculating Ball Bearings. The Automotive industry favors these balls for their Check Balls for 4-Wheel Drive Transmissions.

The durability of High-Torque automatic transmissions was improved when Chrysler product development engineers specified Torlon poly-(amide-imide) resin for the check balls that are used. The balls are able to withstand the 300 degree transmission temperatures.

These balls are also used in boating and sailing applications in the Headsailer Roller Furlings. When the balls are used in an over center halyard attachment, the balls can distribute the load uniformally to each ball bearing. This then provides a smooth rotation. Torlon Balls can provide maximum load carrying capabilities.

Torlon Balls