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Seaford DE  19973 USA


Craig Technologies, Inc., is a company dedicated to producing quality plastic injection molding components at competitive prices. We have over 56 years of unmatched experience providing our clients with the very best in professional expertise and solid customer service. Our products include:  precision plastic balls, small plastic balls, plastic spheres,  custom injection molded parts, Compression & Transfer molded components and precision fabricated plastic or metal parts to customer’s drawings. Here at Craig Technologies, Inc. Torlon balls are just one of the complex plastic materials that we offer. Our strict attention to detail and superior performance have allowed us to produce products for all industries from the valve and bearing industry to appliances, automotive, aerospace and pharmaceutical industries to name a few. We are known for handling difficult projects and providing the personal service and attention that each requires. Specialty ball sizes, materials and difficult components are a norm for us, which is why our manufacturing capabilities are all in house for better control. That is what sets us apart from all of the plastic injection molding companies.

Our management team recognizes the importance of our customers, employees, and our community. This recognition produces a commitment to excellence in all aspects of our operations.  When you work with Craig Technologies, Inc., you’re working with a company that strives for quality and understands that there are no short cuts to achieving excellence. Not only will you receive the finest in quality products every time you do business with us, you will also discover a company with whom you will  want to develop a pleasant, long term, mutually beneficial working relationship.

Receiving Hours: M-F 8am - 4pm EST

Hours of Operation: M-F 8am - 5pm EST

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Precision Plastic Ball / Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer