Craig Technologies, Inc, a leading manufacturer of precision ground plastic balls, today announced the launch of its Super Tough frac ball, manufactured using an innovative molding compound and a non-conventional approach to tooling. The resulting “ ST“ frac ball outperforms machined G10 frac balls in the following areas:

Flexural strength
Compressive strength
Shear strength
Impact Strength

*Comparative testing was completed using a certified frac ball testing system. Detailed test results may be seen here.

The Super Tough “ST” Frac Ball product line is the result of a two year joint R&D effort by Craig Technologies and SBHPP to develop a stronger frac ball than the machined G10.

This product line shows significant improvement in:

The ability to “hold” under pressure downhole for prolonged periods of time at elevated temperatures.

Elimination of “orientation effect”, in which G10 balls have a catastrophic break failure in polar orientation.

Increased pressure ratings possible at OEM level depending on ball seat design/interference.

Craig Technologies Super Tough “ST” Frac Balls are available in sizes from ¾” to 4-1/2” diameters.

Super Tough (ST) Frac Ball

Super Tough Frac Ball Testing Results