Tooling Division

No matter how simple or complex the part, we are equipped to handle any project you might have, from a machined part to a complex unscrewing injection mold making.

Craig Tooling is a manufacturer of both prototype and production quality injection molds and machined parts. We offer tight tolerance machining of +/- .0001” in the following areas, CNC Milling, Turning, Ram EDM and Wire EDM. All of the above areas are capable of 2 to 4 axis machining. Linus Tooling prides itself in being able to meet our customers needs big or small.

About Craig Tooling Inc.

Craig Tooling is a division of Craig Technologies, Inc. and is located in Seaford, DE, in the Seaford Industrial Park.

It is Craig Tooling’s desire to constantly improve our customers competitive edge by meeting or exceeding their expectations. We encourage active involvement from our customers through the exchange and implementation of ideas and information. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide the services required enabling our customers to succeed due to our never-ending commitment toward excellence.