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A Typical Injection Molding Process

In spite of the relatively expensive tooling cost, molding remains the most popular manufacturing process for plastic materials in mass production, thanks to its low operational cost, high throughput, and the flexibility to make parts with complex shapes.

Different Type of Precision Plastic Balls that we have molded

Injection Molding is considered one of the most common ways to produce plastic molded parts.  This molding process utilizes compounds (Polymers) that are classified as Thermoplastic resins. The process usually begins by taking the polymers in the form of pellets or granules and heating them to the molten state. The melt is then injected/forced into a chamber formed by a split-die mold. The melt remains in the mold and is typically chilled down to solidify forming the part. The mold is then opened and the part is ejected.

Injection / Compression Molding